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Meeting held on Friday 15th February 2019 – 4.00pm, to 6.00pm.                  held in the Horizon View Room at The Macmillan Horizon Centre, RSCH,Brighton.

1)Chairperson (Sandra): 

Sandra welcomed everybody to the meeting.                                                         We started off the meeting by holding the Election of officers for 2019.

The Chairman,Secretary and Treasurer were returned to post unapposed.The rest of the members were all invited to be on the committee. Sandra thanked all for their ongoing support.                                                                    

2) Secretary  (Steve):

Outstanding points from last meeting:                                                            AP23/18 – Macmillan Support Group Grants. Items bought are Laptop,mouse, memory stick,laptop bag,printer,ink,and shredder totalling £377-67 which means we still have £52 from the laptop grant(this will be used for future ink purchases) + £100 for a “social” event. – ONGOING.

25/18  — Steve has emailed the person within the NHS about the training for Macmillan volunteers on NHS  premises(Buddies). – ONGOING.

26/18  —  Xmas party — Thanks to all who attended and contributed to the evening with special thanks to John O’Sullivan for getting the deal with the pub,there were a few things up with the food,needed the pub to be more knowledgeable about what we can/cannot eat,for example humous,dips etc.. — COMPLETED.

27/18  —  Brighter Outlook link on website.– COMPLETED.

28/18  — Collection bottle at Xmas party taken round the pub.– COMPLETED.

29/18  — Steve to put Dietary advice for people link on the website.– COMPLETED.

30/18 – 2019 meetings & Drop-in  sessions. – Steve has put these on the website for all to see.– COMPLETED.

3) Treasurer (Jacki):

a) Funds: Our funds currently stand at £1280.after the grant being paid into the account and the spending of it as detailed above.We have also received a £200 donation to the group from a neighbour of Sandra & Jim,who have sent him a thank you letter.                                                                                                                              

b) Fundraising: Heather came up with an idea to raise funds by producing badges and then selling on — this is to be looked into.                                                                                                 

c) A reminder that any cheques need to be made out to Sussex Cancer Fund but write for Thancs on the back of the cheque.                                                                         

4) Buddies update (John /Jim / Sandra):   

Radiotherapy – continues to be very busy.                                                  Chemotherapy — also continues to be very busy. with standing room only in reception at times. Jim & Sandra both spoke to Mr.Moore (ENT Consultant) about Buddies attending the Wednesday morning MDM meetings –waiting for a reply.                                         

Volunteers – It was announced that Murray has left his role as a buddy due to the travel incurred we are still waiting to hear how Heather Ferguson’s application is progressing as it appears to have stalled – Sandra to look into this as a matter of some urgency.                                                                                                            

We may still look at helping to put Buddies into Eastbourne DGH once the unit is open and they will be treating Head & Neck patients.

John O’Sullivan announced that the Buddies team had been nominated for a Macmillan volunteer award by Centre Manager Geoff Brown —- and they won it,more details to follow.                                                             

5) Clinical update (Hetal & Susan):

No report from the clinicians as nobody attended this time.  

Brian Hipkin announced that nearly 2 years post acupuncture treatment administered under a project by Richard Simcock he is getting saliva back – -Sandra to let Richard Simcock know.                                                                       

6) AOB:                                                                                                                       

a) Events – An update on events diary.

6th & 7th  November 2019– Head & Neck Cancer conference being held in Brighton.– See Below


b) New Action points:.

01/19  — Melissa Williams at the Keep has offered to arrange a visit — Sandra to arrange.

02/19  — Drop-Ins — volunteers needed for future dates,Brian & Sylvia to sit in on the April meeting.

03/19  — Mid Sussex Support group at PRH Hospital – Richard Simcock is looking into it,hopefully some of us can get involved in this.

04/19 – 2019 Head & Neck Conference —

  • Tickets to be obtained,  – -Steve to look into getting 20 tickets for day2.
  • Volunteers for day 1 to be offered to the organisers,  — Steve to contact the organisers (Swallows).
  • Tee shirts to be obtained with Thancs logo.

7) Next meeting:   The next meeting is planned for Friday 26th  April 4.00pm, to 6.00pm. at The Horizon Centre.

Attendees were thanked ……. Meeting Closed at 5.30pm.


CHAIRPERSON – Sandra Aughney.                                                         

SECRETARY & WEBSITE – Steve Grantham.

TREASURER – Jacki Clarke.                                                                         

CLINICAL INPUT – Heeta Raval (Radiographer) and Susan Vyoral(Dietician) and Ella Bowen (Macmillan Cancer Support Worker).                                

COMMITTEE – -Group Members (Patients & Carers).                                                                

Steve Grantham.




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