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Meeting held on Friday 14th June 2019 – 4.00pm, to 6.00pm. held in the Horizon View Room at The Macmillan Horizon Centre, RSCH,Brighton. 

1)Chairperson (Sandra):  

Sandra welcomed everybody to the meeting.We had a number of apologies and only had 5 in attendance which included a potential new member(apologies could not find her name).                                                                   

2) Secretary  (Steve): 

Apologies: Steve had received an apologies from several regular attendees who were either on holiday or had another appointment. It was good to see Elizabeth after he fall which prevented her attending in April.

Outstanding points from last meeting: 


AP23/18 – Macmillan Support Group Grants. Following the purchase of the laptop (details in last meeting), we still have £52 from the laptop grant(this will be used for future ink purchases) + £100 for a “social” event to be discussed in AOB – ONGOING.

 25/18  — Steve has emailed the person within the NHS about the training for Macmillan volunteers on NHS  premises(Buddies). – ONGOING.

01/19  — Melissa Williams at the Keep has offered to arrange a visit — Sandra to arrange.– ONGOING.

02/19  — Drop-Ins — volunteers needed for future meeting dates. – ONGOING.

03/19  — Mid Sussex Support group at PRH Hospital – Mark Whitcomb from Macmillan is now involved in setting this up,we are waiting for him to return from an operation.– ONGOING.

04/19 – 2019 Head & Neck Conference — – ONGOING.

  • Tickets to be obtained,  – -Steve has got 20 tickets for day2.Steve to print off the tickets 
  • Volunteers for day 1 to be offered to the organisers,  — Steve has contacted the organisers (Swallows), who will let us know when they will arrange the volunteer list,they thanked us for offering
  • Tee shirts to be obtained with Thancs logo. –Steve is going to investigate this with Vistaprint.

A/P 05/19  — Website: Steve has updated the “Welcome to Thancs” section on the front page. — COMPLETED.

A/P 06/19  Website: Steve has paid for the renewal of Website — COMPLETED.

A/P 07/19 – The team had a visit from the Head & Neck director from the BSUH trust to congratulate them on their award from Macmillan. Steve has found out that this was Jane McNevin so will invite them to a future meeting. – ONGOING.

A/P 08/19Summer Social event:  Steve has arranged this for Friday 5th July at the Coach House,Rottingdean for the budget(£100) and with the food requested.Will send out a last reminder in the next 2 weeks.      

3) Treasurer (Jacki): — Absent so Sandra gave the report.

  1. a) Funds: Our funds currently stand at £1842-14 (as of 5/6/2019).We are now in discussion with the Cancer Center departments the Buddies operate in, Sandra did bring a request to the table but it was agreed that we needed more members in attendance before a decision could be made,any updates to this before the next meeting Steve would put on the website and also send out a group email.                                                                                                                            
  2. b) Fundraising: We continue to look into further ideas for fundraising.                                                                                                 
  3. c) Cheques: A reminder that any cheques need to be made out to Sussex Cancer Fund but write for Thancs on the back of the cheque.                                                             
  4. d) Fair Stalls:  We are looking at other similar events in Brighton, Hove, Peacehaven and Seaford areas to possibly run a stall in 2020..                                                                                

4) Buddies update (John /Jim / Sandra):   

Radiotherapy – Continues to be very busy,numbers are still rising and it was noticeable there are a lot of younger people being affected by head & neck.                                                                      

Chemotherapy — Also continues to be very busy, numbers rising as well and with standing room only in reception at times.                                                                                                     

Volunteers  – We still need more buddies.                                                                                                              

5) Clinical update (Hetal & Susan): 

No report from the clinicians as nobody attended this time. 

Sandra had taken up an invite to attend a MDM meeting at the Cancer Center as an observer,and gave us an insight into what went on without giving specific details. Hopefully she will another invite as she found it interesting and uplifting. 

Dentists: All dentists now have to do a full oral check for signs of cancer during regular. 

6) AOB:                                                                                                                          

  1. a) Events – An update on events diary.

6th & 7th  November 2019– Head & Neck Cancer conference being held in Brighton.– See A/P 04/19 above. 

Summer Social event:  This due to take place at The Coach House, Rottingdean on Friday 5th July,using the £100 budget available for the buffet, a list of foods suggested by the group has been agreed with the pub with the addition of soup to be requested.                                             

  1. b) Judith Molyneux — Steve had been contacted by her asking if anybody suffering the same complications as herself be open to being contacted to advise,share experiences.Linda and Elizabeth have both agreed to have their email addresses passed onto her which Steve has done. 
  2. c) Communications — Sandra is having a meeting with Robyn Payne to look into improving communication links with us,new patients and clinical staff.
  3. c) New Action points:.

09/19  — Mailing list: Steve to ensure that the clinical staff linked to the group are on our email list,and then email them dates of our meetings.

10/19  — Drop – Ins on 1st Wednesday of intermediate months: Steve does not work Wednesday anymore so it was agreed that he would email Geoff Brown the Horizon Center manager to cancel the dates of the drop-ins. 

11/19  — Meetings Agenda and make up: It was agreed that Steve would look into amending the agenda but also we are considering splitting the meeting at half-way for tea/coffee and comfort breaks.Sandra is also going to look into providing biscuits and the cost incurred,we will put it to you the members before any changes.

7) Next meeting:   The next meeting is planned for Friday 16th August 4.00pm, to 6.00pm. at The Horizon Centre. 

Attendees were thanked ……. Meeting Closed at 5.45pm.


CHAIRPERSON – Sandra Aughney.                                                        

SECRETARY & WEBSITE – Steve Grantham.

TREASURER – Jacki Clarke.                                                                         

CLINICAL INPUT – Heeta Raval (Radiographer) and Susan Vyoral(Dietician) and Ella Bowen (Macmillan Cancer Support Worker).                                

COMMITTEE – -Group Members (Patients & Carers).                                                                

Steve Grantham.



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