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Meeting held on Friday 13th December  2019 – 4.00pm, to 6.00pm. held in the Horizon View Room at The Macmillan Horizon Centre, RSCH,Brighton. 

1)Chairperson (Sandra):  

Sandra in her last meeting as chairperson welcomed everybody to the meeting.      There were no guests in attendance today.

2) Secretary  (Steve): 

Apologies: Steve had received apologies from Jacki,Murray,Heather,Linda,John & Jane McNevin who was due to be a guest today.

Outstanding points from last meeting: 

A/P 25/18  — NHS training for Macmillan volunteers on NHS  premises(Buddies) — This is now in hand with the trust(Hannah Rudd) and those concerned within the group so from now business as usual.  – COMPLETED

A/P 01/19  — Melissa Williams at the Keep has offered to arrange a visit — Sandra has arranged this for February 21st more details to follow.– ONGOING.                                                                                                                     

A/P 03/19  — Mid Sussex Support group at PRH Hospital – It was agreed that this was out of our hands and control but would remain available to help out if it ever took off — COMPLETED.

A/P 04/19 – 2019 Head & Neck Conference – There is feedback from this in the AOB part of the meeting — COMPLETED.

A/P 07/19 – The team had a visit from the Head & Neck director from the BSUH trust to congratulate them on their award from Macmillan. Jane McNevin has an open invitation to attend which she will do when available. – COMPLETED.

A/P 11/19  — Meetings Agenda and make up: This was discussed today and it was agreed that it would be a good idea to have a Specific subject that would be discussed during the meeting,it was also agreed that to split the meeting at half-way for tea/coffee and comfort breaks was a good idea.Steve will work on these ideas with further discussion at the next meeting before implementing probably 1st meeting in 2020.The day,time and location for 2020 meetings was put forward — ONGOING.

A/P 12/19  — Meeting Invite: Steve to invite Robin Payne (Macmillan Nurse) to future meetings — Now on mailing list.– COMPLETED.

A/P 15/19  — Thancs details: Steve to send details of website and facebook page to Julia Lenton(SCF) and Janet Pickett (The Keep)– COMPLETED.

A/P 16/19  — Swallowing exercises: Steve tosend out copy of exercise sheet to all and to put on website.– COMPLETED.

A/P 17/19  — 2020 Meeting dates: Steve to write to Horizon Center with the dates to book the room for the meetings– COMPLETED.

A/P 18/19  — Donating to Thancs: Steve to look into how we can donate to Thancs from the website? — ONGOING.

A/P 19/19  — Buddies: How do we get more Buddies this will be a focus for us in 2020 — The group to work out best way.– ONGOING.

A/P 20/19  — Xmas Social evening: Arranged for Friday 7th December from 5.30pm onwards at The Blind Busker,Church Road,Hove, there will be food. Steve to send out details to all and to put on website.– COMPLETED.

A/P 21/19  — Conference Tickets: Steve to send tickets to Linda Murray.- COMPLETED.

A/P 22/19  — Horizon Centre: Celebrating their 3rd birthday on Monday 25th November and they are holding a soiree between 4pm and 5.30pm.If anybody is interested in attending then please email the Horizon Centre so that they can cater for all. Steve to send out details to all and to put on website.- COMPLETED.

A/P 23/19  — Committee Members: The 3 main positions Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary are up for renewal at the end of the year,unfortunately it looks like we will need a new Chairperson so if anybody is interested in any of the postions then please let the secretary know by email by 31/12/2019. Steve to send out email to all and to put on website.- COMPLETED.

Website:How do we donate to Thancs from the website ? — Steve to work out best way.         

3) Treasurer (Jacki): In view of Jacki’s absence today Steve gave the report.

  1. a) Funds: Our funds currently stand at £1291.
  2. We will be getting @ £50 in April 2020 because of Gift Aid donations Janet Pickett’s fundraising.                                                                                  Steve has had confirmation from Julia Lenton that the trust has bought 8 sets of scales via the trusts funds,so no more are needed.Steve has asked Julia from the SCF to speak to the staff to get us a list of items required and then we will discuss and decide how we are going to spend the remaining £430(ish) left over from Janet’s fundraising.                                                                                                                       
  3. b) Fundraising: We continue to look into further ideas for fundraising.                                                                                           
  4. c) Cheques: A reminder that any cheques need to be made out to Sussex Cancer Fund but write for Thancs on the back of the cheque.                                                                                                                                 
  5. 4) Buddies update (John /Jim / Sandra):–

Radiotherapy – Continues to be very busy,numbers are still rising.                                                                      

Chemotherapy — Also continues to be very busy, numbers rising as well.                                                                                                     

Volunteers  – We still need more buddies,so this will become a focus point in 2020, we were told that there is a new Volunteers Manager a lady called Scarlett who will be focusing on this..                                                                                                              

5) Clinical update (Hetal & Susan): 

No report from the clinicians as nobody attended this time. 

 Dentists: Reminder — All dentists now have to do a full oral check for signs of cancer during regular. 

6) AOB:                                                                                                                          

  1. a) 6th & 7th November 2019– Head & Neck Cancer conference was held in Brighton.– Some feedback from the event — Generally those that attended found it interesting,worthwhile,well presented in a good location,great variety of speakers from different vocations and countries.There was also a good selection of companies in attendance as well.                                                                                                           
  2. b) Xmas 2020  — Jacki has suggested that we start to think about the get together with the following ideas (i) Happy with the Blind Busker our own little area and the nibbles offered? (ii) the Blind Busker but with a bigger spread? or (iii) Pay for a set price meal in a different location or (iv) any other suggestions…… Time to think about it.
  3. c) Magazines – Jacki has suggested that we pay for magazines for the cancer center for a year.
  4. d) 2021 Thancs 10 years old – Steve stated that in December 2021 Thancs will be 10 years old and is suggesting that we have a big get together inviting as many people as possible to it especially original founders Pat Shields & Jo Kerr and we should start thinking about it now. 
  5. e) Thancs Notices – A suggestion was put forward that Thancs notices to be put up in the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy areas advertising our meetings — this was discussed and agreed Steve would contact Richard Simcock and the Cancer center to get permission to do it.
  6. f) Events – An update on events diary.

 Friday 21st February 3.00pm onwards visit to The Keep, Brighton has been arranged with Melissa by Sandra.This is the due date of our 1st meeting of 2020 ,Steve to email out details and get numbers in early February.

  1. f) Election of Officers 2020: 

Chairperson: Not filled.

Secretary:  Steve Grantham.

Treasurer: Jacki Calrke.

  1. g) New Action points:.

A/P 26/19  — 2020 dates: Steve to publish dates on website and also email out dates to group members.

A/P 27/19  — SCF & Remaining sponsor money: Steve has asked Julia from the SCF to speak to the staff to get us a list of items required and then we will discuss and decide how we are going to spend the remaining £430(ish) left over from Janet’s fundraising.

A/P 28/19  — Support Group Evaluation: Steve had received this evaluation form to fill out concerning the grant we received from Macmillan.

A/P 29/19  — Thancs Notices: Steve to contact Richard Simcock and the Cancer Center about putting up Thancs notices in the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy areas advertising our meetings.


7) Next meeting:   The next meeting is on Friday 21st February from 3.00pm, to 6.00pm. at The Keep, Brighton.

Attendees were thanked ……. Meeting Closed at 5.47pm.


CHAIRPERSON – Sandra Aughney.

SECRETARY & WEBSITE – Steve Grantham.

TREASURER – Jacki Clarke.                                                                         

CLINICAL INPUT – Heeta Raval (Radiographer) and Susan Vyoral(Dietician) and Ella Bowen and Robin Payne (Macmillan Cancer Support Workers),Richard Simcock (Consultant) and AJ Ray-Chaudhuri (Restorative Dentist).                                

COMMITTEE – -Group Members (Patients & Carers).                                                                

Steve Grantham.





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