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Meeting held on Friday 19th October 2018 – 4.00pm, to 6.00pm. held in the Horizon View Room at The Macmillan Horizon Centre, RSCH,Brighton.

1)Chairperson (Sandra): 

Sandra welcomed everybody to the meeting.

We welcomed a new member to the group – Sandy Kipling.

She introduced our guest speaker for the session Ros Addison (Brighter Outlook) who is making a return visit to us.Ros explained that her role within the Brighrt Outlook set up is around Cancer & Physical activities – helping people who have had cancer to get back to where they were or gain fitness before they were ill.For further information please see the link on the LINKS page on the website which Steve will put on.   A/P 27/18.

2) Secretary (Steve):

Outstanding points from last meeting:                                                              

AP23/18 – Macmillan Support Group Grants. Steve has now received confirmation that we have received the grant for a sum of £530 for the purchase of a laptop for the group’s use and to put towards a social event.Steve will now purchase a laptop etc. for the group’s use. – ONGOING.

24/18 – Steve to write to friends of Terri Davies thanking them for the donation. – DISMISSED.

25/18 — Steve to find out about NHS training for Macmillan volunteers on NHS premises(Buddies). – ONGOING.

26/18 — Steve to put Xmas party details on website and send out email along with Google Map this to be done by the end of November at the latest– ONGOING.

Steve apologised for the delay in dealing with these but he was in the process of moving house today into temporary accommodation and his time had been taken up by the problems he had with their buyer,but promised to catch up over the next few weeks.

3) Treasurer (Jacki):

  1. a) Funds: Our funds currently stand at £550-90.                                                                                                                          
  2. b) Fundraising: We may have a contact with a company following the “Afternoon Tea at The Grand” event – Sandra dealing with this. Also Asda would be willing to help us again in the future – Sandra dealing with. Some of the items left over from the tombola will be going towards the Xmas raffle – Sandra dealing with this.
  3. d) Macmillan Support Group grants: Steve confirmed that the sum of £530 will be appearing in the account soon,.
  4. d) A reminder that any cheques need to be made out to Sussex Cancer Fund but write for Thancs on the back of the cheque.
  5. e) If any of the members have any ideas for fundraising please let us know.

4) Buddies update (John /Jim / Sandra):  

Radiotherapy – has recently been very busy on Wednesdays but not so on Fridays.                      

Chemotherapy – Has been very busy with standing room only in reception at times. Jim & Sandra both spoke to Mr.Moore (ENT Consultant) about Buddies attending the Wednesday morning MDM meetings –waiting for a reply.                                      

More volunteers needed – waiting to hear how Heather Ferguson’s application is progressing.                                                                                                                

We may still look at helping to put Buddies into Eastbourne DGH once the unit is open and they will be treating Head & Neck patients.                                                             

5) Clinical update (Hetal & Susan):

No report as nobody attended this time.

It was confirmed that HPV vaccinations will be given to teenage boys from now.

At the last meeting Hetal & Susan gave out some Xylotol pills to help with dry mouths – -the feedback from those that used them was positive.

Steve had a box of Oralieve products for people to take and try and feedback to him about the new lip gel product.

Steve to put Dietary advice for people link on the website. A/P 29/18.

6) AOB:                                                                                                                        

a) Events – An update on events diary.

  • 6th & 7th November – Head & Neck Cancer conference being held in Nottingham – a few of the group intend to go to this event.
  • Friday 7th December — Thancs Xmas party at The Blind Busker,Hove – John O’Sullivan confirmed that the pub have confirmed the booking. Steve collected names nad money of those attending who are going. It was agreed that we would take our collection bottle round the pub on the night. A/P 28/18.
  1. b) New Action points:.

27/18 — Steve to put link to Brighter Outlook on website.

28/18 — Collection bottle to be taken to Xmas party to take round the pub.

29/18 — Steve to put Dietary advice for people link on the website.

30/18 – 2019 meetings & Drop-in sessions. – After some discussion it was agreed that we would continue with our bi-monthly meetings at the same time same place,but would also have a drop in session starting 1 hour before the meeting to be held in the reception area and members were happy to take their turn and sit in on one of these. Steve stated that he would still run the 1st Wednesday of the month drop-ins but in the intervening months. Steve to contact centre manager to book these up.

7) Next meeting:   There is no meeting in December due to the Xmas party so the next one is planned for Friday 15th  February 4.00pm, to 6.00pm. at The Horizon Centre. TBC.

We will at this meeting elect/re-elect the main posts of the group.

  Attendees were thanked ……. Meeting Closed.


CHAIRPERSON – Sandra Aughney.                                                        

SECRETARY & WEBSITE – Steve Grantham.

TREASURER – Jacki Clarke.                                                                        

CLINICAL INPUT – Heeta Raval (Radiographer) and Susan Vyoral(Dietician) and Ella Bowen (Macmillan Cancer Support Worker).

COMMITTEE – -Group Members (Patients & Carers).

Steve Grantham.




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