Thancs -- Buddying 001

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Meeting held on Monday 6th October2014 held at AEB,RSCH.


John O’Sullivan,Jim & Sandra Aughney,Jacki Clarke – Thancs group.

Michaela Rossman – Macmillan Cancer Support ( Direct Volunteering Services Manager,Brighton,Sussex).

Richard Longrigg – Macmillan Cancer Support ( Involvement Co-Ordinator for Kent,Surrey,Sussex)

Here is a summary of what was discussed and agreed:

We have formulated what we wish to achieve and how best we feel we can go about it, and now are just awaiting to complete formalities (blissfully kept to a bare minimum !) a CRB check, Training and hopefully be “Buddying” by end of November.

Initially we will be a group of 4 to test the water, so to speak and next year, from what we will undoubtedly learn from this, we will be better prepared to fine tune our goals when hopefully more people join us, in what I believe, will be an extremely beneficial and rewarding experience.

As of 17th October the following is available:

The volunteering opportunity is now live on our website and here are  the links:


OR contact Michaela Rossman directly on       mrossman@macmillan.org.uk

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